Get That Tight Vocal Sound In Pro Tools

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Ever wondered what tricks producers use to get the kind of vocals like Justin Timberlake and other top artists? Here’;s a few tips to get you started, you ma…


SearchingForOurName says:

this comment made my year

Roman Grigorenko says:


coffeehigh420 says:

yeh, damnit!

YoungAndrew92 says:

@lolichiidesu i love how you can get 486 thumbs up just by rewritting lyircs down lyrics from this song.


That is a very good clear cut Clinic. Good Job.

theknite2211 says:

i use mixcraft 6 can i find a vst for this sound because i want it for my hooks and how to get a studio sound is there any vsts or is it my mic

Chris Beavers says:

Real talk tho… thanks for the info

gerardomoralesf says:

thank you for sharing your knowledge……God bless you…..

Justin Gallucci says:

Nicely done sir…Thank you

HoleHeadedLiar says:

So, this is, in effect, sort of a take off on Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” i.e: several different instances of the same pattern, but different takes, also a few wet, a couple dry, but as applied to Vocals, and not instruments.

tomfrankly says:

good video. i’ll be checking out more of your stuff.

rydamusicrecords says:

fuck I can’t get this shit out of my head now, but good info

Kyan Jay says:

how u download this???

T Blake says:

Thanks a lot I learned a lot, great lesson

Ray Sun says:


CDrumaholic says:

parallel compression…… nice!

Fr33z13 says:

Which pro tools is this. SE?

soulinthewall77 says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We’ll win Grammy’s in due time. When I get mine, I’ll be sure to give you a “shout out” at the podium. haha ‘Cheers!!!

Jowsh says:

this song is haunting me in my sleep

drewb anthony says:

Thank you very much!
Cheers mate!

samhproducer says:

Thanks for this video. Very useful. Used the same trick when mixing for one of my Pop tracks. Worked a treat, especially the “buggery” compression!

silverspringandgold says:

This sounds very good..!! Thank you for showin your tips..!! Roses

emhood says:

wow nice tut dude

globalmindent says:

to send all vocals to a stereo aux just create a stereo aux track make the input a certain bus and make the output of all your vocals the same as your aux’s input and u can still use sends for different trax

Marcus Allen says:

i understand what you are saying but most artists don’t just make art or music just for themselves. it is subject to the opinions of others. there is almost always a need to please the consumer. my original point was that they consumers dont care about the breath. Producers have become overly technical and non musical, people dont sing without breathing. I am an award winning multi platinum producer and i am entitled to my experienced professional opinion. remember that.

AnarchyAhead says:

Excellent tuition, thanks…. she doesn’t love you like she used to prob because you’re spending too much time in the studio

Emmanuel Chayer says:

> now when you go to the level of the label, that’s an other stories, they care more of sales than actual artistry of what making music and recording it is.

Emmanuel Chayer says:

It’s an artistic choice. In soft songs, and in certain style like Jazz, breath can be a very desirable effect. In other styles, breath is really not wanted. It also depends on the wish of the artist. Nothing to do with the consumer. The consumers by the art of an artist(s) and those that helped them bring out their arts, remember that.

Don Dayter says:

this is true… but you can also just throw a light crossfade between the areas removing the clipping, or just use the pecil tool to remove the clip sound.. but good point for those that didnt know.

Don Dayter says:

im an artist and producer as well man and i couldnt agree more.

GeoLayered says:

Nice instructional but i gotta say ………….I bet she don’t love u like she used to lol

rawstarmusic says:

Swapping copies, I do that, cloned copies isn’t good. When u put on high ratio compression I wondered but since u use this out-flatted vocals as an add-on sound with high EQ then it makes sense. I guess you can make that saturation-track move around as well

Marcus Allen says:

to all the uptight producers out here, you should get on the level of the consumer sometimes. most people don’t care about breath. there are plenty of horribly edited mixed songs on the market that have done well to argue otherwise.

djw2301 says:


soullavee says:

What’s the difference between the looped version and the full version?*lol* great vid mate..thanks

Damjan Jovanov says:

Damn you with that song..i cant stop singing it…-.- :D
Perfect thing….im using it now…:)))

ZannieZanana says:

You don’t love me like you used to baby! Thanks for implicating this into my brain. It’s currently on repeat.


Malakhi7Kaine says:

I clean points like that occasionally with the drag fade

Pro Tools Expert says:

It happens all the time in the pop world, I’ve sat there watching it happen, so perhaps your use of the world ‘nobody’ should have said ‘I wouldn’t’

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